Monday, April 15, 2013

2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

I don't know too much about this incident as of yet – it is relatively new, but I'll bet the media will attempt to somehow blame it on the Tea Party and tax protesters, as it occurred on April 15 (Tax Day) and in Boston (home of the infamous Boston Tea Party), whether or not such information is accurate.

So-called “terrorist-attacks” tend to occur on anniversaries or numerological/astrological dates of importance, which is why many conspiracy researchers are suspicious – especially given the occult significance of numerological/astrological dates. Who else would care? A certain date might make a statement, but when they all seem to have numerological/astrological significance one is led to the occult. That opens up a whole 'nother can of worms which makes one ponder certain things.

However, this said, I will bet, that in order to truly understand the underlying statement behind this horrible attack in Boston one need only understand 1) the historical significance of Boston, 2) the historical significance of the date, 3) the historical “meaning” behind the Boston Marathon, 4) any other related information, and 4) ultimately “who” it benefits. Not “who” it might benefit, but who it “ultimately” benefits! No one plans an act without an eventual benefit.

That said, it occurred between a New and Waxing Moon. It occurred on the 15th of the 4th month, and it occurred at a specific latitude and longitude – if that means anything. It also occurred precisely, to the day, 77 years after the first day of the Arab rebellion in the 1936 Palestine uprising.

Does any of this mean anything? I don't know, but I'll still bet this gets connected to the Tea Party and rebellion in some way shape or form.

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