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The COMETA Report (in English): A Review

The COMETA Report is an independent study on UFOs written by the French association COMETA, which first appeared in a July 1999 special issue of the magazine VSD. The report is supposed to detail the results of a detailed study by the Institute of Higher Studies for National Defence. It was originally published in french, but an english translation is available online or for download here.

The membership of COMETA (the Committee for in-depth studies) sports "credible" individuals (ie. prominent members of the world system) such as career military men, scientists, law enforcers, and attorneys. Although the report was issued by a French association, which one would suppose would deal primarily with French affairs, it is heavily interested in and accusative of United States military, political, and scientific affairs.

In summary, the 90 page report presents a handful of unsolved cases involving unidentified flying objects, speculates on and accuses the United States of UFO disinformation, the intentional cover-up of alien technology, and heavily favors the extraterrestrial hypothesis while all but laughing at any alternative theories or dismissals.

To the report's credit, it highlights the obvious physically detectable effects of some of the UFO phenomena, such as electromagnetic anomalies, particularly regarding microwaves. However, it goes out of its way to dismiss hypotheses that more closely fit the overwhelming majority of the phenomena, and even suggests that simply because there is no known way (according to the COMETA authors) to scientifically test these hypotheses, which it calls "ascientific," such hypotheses "aren't much good to us."

Among the hypotheses immediately dismissed as "not much good to us" are any notions of a private or secretive group controlling things, any suggestions of spirits, any mention of the devil, holographic images, media hype, or basically anything other than manmade or extraterrestrial craft. In other words, spirits and devils aren't real because COMETA says that even if they are it doesn't matter (this position relies on the assumption that we somehow know that a spirit cannot be detected), secretive groups aren't provable because COMETA says so, and holographic images and media hype are just simply implausible because COMETA says so.

In particular, of hypotheses classed as 'ascientific' by COMETA, the report dismissively states: "We are being manipulated without realizing it" (by a very secret, very powerful, and very knowledgeable group of people; by strange, unknown or even extraterrestrial beings; by spirits; by the devil; by our psychological fantasies; etc.). Obviously, we cannot say a priori whether these hypotheses are true or false [since] they cannot be proven; their main drawback is that they aren't much good to us.

Parapsychological phenomenoa and collective hallucinations should be classified in this category. The same is true of the idea that is sometimes expressed that the futuristic craft sighted are actually products of the future activity of humanity. Our descendents of the distant [future], who have found the way to go back in time, come to observe us... (pg 40)

The COMETA report then goes on to say about its prefered hypothesis concerning the visitation of earth by extraterrestrials for the purposes of study that: Both hypotheses [referring to two variations of the same hypothesis] have to their credit the fact that they place the UFO problem outside the realm of the paranormal and promote thought about the future of our planet. (pg 42)

Notably, after the report dismisses secretive groups, media hype, and anything spiritual in nature, it goes on to praise the activities of UFO researchers and promoters of the extraterrestrial hypothesis who were financially backed by the Rockefellers. On page 51, it praises the Rockefellers, stating:

In recent years, the three main ufological associations have been brought together by a leading U.S. personality, Marie Galbraith, to conduct a joint study. She is the wife of Evan Griffith Galbraith, who was U.S. Ambassador to France from 1981 to 1985. Thus she is well-acquainted with our country and our language, since she lived on Avenue Gabriel. Supported both morally and financially by Laurence Rockefeller, brother of the famous David Rockefeller, she traveled the world to meet the principal scientists interested in UFOs and to collect the best cases.

The report then goes on to say:

On the whole, Marie Galbraith's book is descriptive...Such was also the spirit of the international scientific colloquium organized in September 1997 by Laurence Rockefeller at Pocantico, near West Point, on the property of the Rockefeller Bros. Fund. Moderated by astrophysicist Peter Sturrock, this colloquium focused on physical evidence concerning UFOs.

After dismissing secretive groups and singing its praises to the Rockefellers, the report then goes on, on page 79, to imply that any connections between the UFO phenomenon and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderberg Group, or the Trilateral Commission are completely erroneous disinformation. To highlight this point, the report drags up two of the most notable nutcases and disinformation agents there ever were: John Lear and William Cooper, and connects their delusional ideas to the aforementioned groups and any suggestions of their relationship to the UFO phenomenon.

Finally, the decidely anti-religious COMETA report labels all religion as "manipulative" (pg 58), and wastes no time asserting that the accounts of the Nephilim mentioned in the Holy Bible and the Book of Enoch were really E.T.s (pg 65).

In closing, I would highly suggest that everyone obtain this report and read it for themselves (don't just take my word for anything). You may disagree with my interpretation and find that your interpretation is more to your liking. I tried to remain objective in my review of the report, but to be perfectly honest it is really hard to do so when I can clearly see the endorsement of globalization, support for the activities of the Rockefellers, and an overall push for the New Age interpretation, all the while dropping an ocassional dismissal or cleverly disguised insult toward those with alternative theories or beliefs.

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