Friday, November 18, 2011

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez – Is There a Conspiracy Angle?

Maybe all of them 11/11 people were right? Is there some sort of conspiracy angle here? I don't know if this guy was a lone nut case or not. It is always suspicious that these nuts conveniently (for the anti-gun lobby) appear everytime there is some gun legislation in Congress.

Apparently, Oscar Ortega-Hernandez thought he was “Jesus Christ” and he believed that President Obama is the Antichrist. Ortega-Hernandez, of Idaho Falls, was arrested by the Pennsylvania State Police on Wednesday November 16, 2011 at a hotel near Indiana, Pennsylvania, shortly after 12:30 p.m. The arrest occurred just four days after Ortega-Hernandez allegedly shot at the White House from some 750 yards away.

Ortega-Hernandez allegedly fired the shots from his Honda from the intersection of 16th Street and Constitution Avenue, into the window of the Yellow Oval Room, before abandoning the vehicle near the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge. The crime was reported to have been committed on the perpetrator's 21st birthday (meaning he was born on 11/11/90) at about 9:30 p.m. on Friday November 11, 2011. There were an undisclosed number of shell cases found in the vehicle.

According to Joelyn Hansen, a spokeswoman of the Idaho Falls Police Department, Ortega-Hernandez was reported missing by his family on October 31 (Halloween). The young man was also reported to have an extensive (yet petty) criminal history, with 18 citations related to theft, possession of drug paraphernalia, domestic abuse, underage drinking, numerous driving violations, and a recent citation for failure to affix a tag to a dog's collar (hardly a hardened criminal).

Additionally, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Ortega was covered in tattoos, some of which are indicators of possible gang activity. He had a a tattoo of three dots on his right hand, a tattoo stating 'Ortega' on his upper back, a tattoo of rosary beads and hands clasped in prayer on his right chest, a tattoo of folded hands on his left chest, and the word 'Israel' tattooed on the left side of his neck.

This would be the second nut case since Gabrielle Giffords to disappear for two weeks only to resurface in an attempted assassination.


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