Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ten Things Every Christian Should Know About the Internet, the Enemy, and the Last Days

Christians today are in a slumber. They have been put to sleep by the Enemy. It is truly a sad state of affairs, so hopefully the ten tips which I provide here will go a long way towards opening the eyes of the faithful to the things which are taking place around them concerning the Internet, the Enemy, and the last days.

  1. The world wide web is full of anti-Christian websites. When you stumble upon these you should do a “Whois” search to find out who the owner of the website is. You can then utilize this information for research purposes to find out what the individual is involved in and who they are associated with. You just might be surprised to discover exactly what organizations and groups are working to destroy the message of the Gospel of Peace.
  2. When visiting a website that purports to be Christian you should look at the content of the website and see if it reflects a Christian worldview. If the website is specifically targeted to preaching or ministering you should look for a statement of faith and then compare that to your Christian beliefs and what is being taught on the website. If a preaching or ministering website makes no definitive statement of faith, then you should avoid it altogether as the chances are that the operator of the website does not know their faith very well. Also, just because the website has a statement of faith does not mean they are following it or that they believe it! You would be surprised to know just how many websites claiming to be Christian are actually run by the Enemy.
  3. In this day and age the Internet offers a degree of anonymity, so it ought not surprise you that the Enemy is everywhere pretending to be Christian. They are literally all over message boards and chat rooms claiming to be Christians and misspelling words, behaving ungodly, spewing hatred, and generally misrepresenting the body of Christ in order to create a false impression among non-Christians and a sense of disillusionment among the brethren. Although, they did not have the Internet, the early Church Fathers witnessed this sort of behavior during their time, so it ought not surprise Christians that we are seeing it today. If you are suspicious of such activity I would suggest using an ISP, email, or user name to research them on-line. More often than not you will discover that they are a member of another faith (such as Islam), an occult group, a political party (such as communist), they are a militant New Atheist, or even members of a military or government agency.
  4. The anonymity of the Internet poses yet another problem for those wishing to share the Gospel of Peace, in that, the Enemy will often take the user name or real name of a brother or sister in Christ and create an account on some website somewhere in an attempt to misrepresent them. No, it doesn't just happen to celebrities! Often, they will take the user name of a true brother or sister in Christ (such as your own) and use it to post messages to homosexual message boards or to create social networking pages which report you as having unfavorable associations, beliefs, or tendencies. There is very little which can be done about this, so really you should just keep this in mind when researching someone you suspect might be posing as a Christian, as sometimes they are the real deal and the Enemy is trying to misrepresent them. You can often discern between posers and the true individual by the content of their message, wording, and other such nuances. Also, a solitary message post, or a handful of posts to a message board under the suspected user name is usually a dead giveaway! Most people do not hangout on a message board just to make one or two posts. Such posts are usually good indicators that the messages have been planted their under a specific name in order to reflect upon the integrity of that name via the contents of the message or website.
  5. Many websites, radio shows, and other outlets exist simply to radicalize Christians. Their intent is to turn good, God-fearing Christians into offensive demons. Stay away from anyone trying to convince you that you must take an extreme view on anything which is not a core doctrine of the Christian faith. By core doctrine I mean, one of the core principles expressed in the Apostles' Creed which are universally accepted by Christians, and which are considered to be essential for salvation.
  6. If you do not want your faith destroyed and you do not want to be the victim of an Enemy plot, then I suggest that you start to study history. I would highly suggest beginning by reading the Ante-Nicene Fathers! In them is contained a plethora of information concerning the old tricks of the devil, which are being reused today, such as how to deal with heretical doctrines like gnosticism and other New Age concepts, and ancient tricks and traps that were set for Christians. There is an abundance of information on spiritual warfare and where demonic activities are most prevalent, such as in places of authority, and even mentions of the association between demons and fasces.
  7. Everything you say or do on-line is being tracked and traced regardless of what account you think you are hiding in, or how clever you may think you are. If you are not being a true Christian and you are doing things which you ought not be doing, your sin will find you out, and the Enemy will likely use your sin to expose you or as leverage to gain your cooperation, in an effort to destroy the spreading of the Gospel Message. If you are going to profess Christ, you are going to have to start living it. The time for sitting on the fence is over, we are in the last days!
  8. Having a crisis of faith because of all the attacks on Christianity which you see on-line, and all of the doubts which are thrown at you? This is only going to increase, as we are in the last days. My suggestion to you would be to intensify your seriousness in your faith by studying harder and diving deeper. Dig into theology, specifically systematic theology, and build a sturdy foundation for yourself. Also, frequent Christian apologetic websites and learn how to defend your faith. Again, much of the attacks against Christianity and the defenses and arguments against such attacks are detailed in the documents of the early Church Fathers, and much about gnostic doctrines and other heresies can be learned about by studying Church history. I have not seen any new attacks or accusations made by the Enemy, all of the attacks, accusations, and arguments which are leveled against Christianity today, were dealt with nearly two thousand years ago. The Enemy only rehashes them because he knows that you do not know them, and he knows that they work to destroy faith and cause brothers and sisters in Christ to fall away.
  9. When dealing with accusations against the validity of Christianity you need to remember that we live in a postmodernist world. That is, we live in a society where most people actually believe the claptrap that truth is relative to the individual and that all truth is subjective, so when they levy accusations you should keep that in mind. Not only are they being hypocritical (if there is no absolute truth there is nothing by which to argue), but most of the facts, history, and evidence thrown at you was created by individuals who have a postmodernist mindset, meaning that you probably cannot trust the data because it was created by individuals who do not even believe that there is concrete truth. If truth is subjective, then how can one claim they have evidence to prove anything, as the evidence would also be subjective? You are advised to remember this, and also to study philosophy and specifically how philosophy relates to the Christian worldview. An excellent book for you to read would be Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview.
  10. When an accusation is made against a Christian or Christianity, no matter who made the accusation (an individual, government, media, or anyone else) don't automatically believe it! As Christians we know that the devil is the Accuser, which ought to make you think twice when you hear about or witness an accusation against a brother or sister in Christ or the church. I detailed just a few of the tricks which are played in this article. Will you still believe every news report, book, or individual accusation? Do you still believe an actual Christian church would protest homosexuality by making a mockery of solemn military funeral services and the grieving families? I'll tell you what, I'd wonder who really ran such a church and who was providing all of the money that must be necessary to travel the country like that. I don't know any Christians who would attend such a church, do you?

These are just some of the tips I have for my brothers and sisters in Christ. I've been around this world, and especially this world wide web, and I have experienced quite a bit. Take it from me, this stuff is going on, and you need to be aware of it! We are being set-up, and this is not the first time it has happened. If Christians only knew their history, they only understood a few basic things which used to be taught in a classical education (trivium and quadrivium) before public education began to dumb us all down, and they had a deeper understanding of their faith as Christians used to when it was standard for them to learn theology along with their academic studies, then they would see all of this going on as well, and they would recognize the struggle we are in.

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