Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why We Have Angels On Top of Christmas Trees

I'm just going to ramble on with some of my thoughts today, so don't expect a major presentation, but did you ever wonder why angels and stars (two nearly always interchangeable terms in the Holy Bible) are placed on the tops of our Christmas trees?  Me too! but we probably don't wonder for the same reasons.

Anyone who has read any of the articles on this blog knows that I go on and on about the Nephilim, or giants of Genesis.  I do so with good reason, and that reason is because I realize the major importance such texts as the Book of Enoch, and the belief in the various stories concerning the Nephilim, demons, and fallen angels played in the early Church, and not only that, but what a major influence the Book of Enoch was on the New Testament Scriptures (it is quoted throughout them).

So, during the course of my research it suddenly dawned on me (probably from experiences I have had and research I have done) that there is a definite connection between angelic beings, whether fallen, still holy, or even the Nephilim (demons), and that of trees.  I made this connection for several reasons too numerous to mention, but I assure you that anyone who has followed this type of research (Nephilim, demons, jinn, elves, faeries, etc.) understands precisely what I am saying.  For example, the elves or jinn were known to occupy trees (many stories about staying clear of trees because of these entities still persist to this day), and women were not supposed to walk beneath trees with their hair down for fear it would entice these creatures.

But anyway, so I was browsing through some information concerning all the beliefs concerning demons and angels found in the Talmud and then going to the Talmud and looking them up (probably for quotes in future articles), and I ran across a few interesting things, mainly that angels are supposedly composed of wind or fire (see Psalm 104:4) -this is precisely what the early Church Fathers said, and that the Jewish Rabbis did have beliefs concerning the angels and also demons mating with women (and men), and also that the "evil spirits" (ie. the demons) often hung out and frequented trees.  There were even specific trees to stay away from!

So let's look at a few things for you to think about concerning angels and trees (nothing hard yet, only a few loose associations to think about):

1.  Angels are messengers, messages are often written on paper (which comes from trees)
2.  Verbal messages are carried through the air, which trees are magically associated with in the occult.
3.  Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air (again, air and trees)
4.  According to the Talmud, demons were most likely to attack at night (usually around sunset), on the night before the Sabbath, and also on Wednesdays (I find this interesting because John Keel noted that most UFO abductions and encounters take place on Wednesdays), and Wednesdays are associated with Mercury, the god of messengers.  Mercury/Hermes/Odin is also associated with the air, telecommunications, travel, and you guessed it - trees.  Also, UFOs are associated with the air.
5.  Trees are a common object of worship, there are even wishing trees, and this is all because the trees were believed to house spirits (often evil or trickster like).  The Talmud mentions demons and even the heavenly angels as being a bit mischievous.
6.  Pan, an obvious Nephilim, was known for his flute, which was made from - trees.
7.  The serpent in the Garden of Eden, which was possessed by Satan, is said to have been in a tree.
8.  An angel was placed in (or at the edge of) the Garden of Eden to guard the Tree of Life.
9.  Many of the false gods of the Bible were associated with trees, tree worship, and idolatry taking place under trees (particularly conifers which had ornaments on them) - see Jeremiah 10 and Ezekiel 20:27-48.
10.  The Christmas star on trees is said to represent the Star of Bethlehem (star=angel), and if an angel is used on the tree it is said to represent the heavenly hosts.  Either way, you have an angel sitting in a tree!
11.  "and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind." -Revelation 6:13.   Putting the clues together, we can possibly assume that this verse in Revelation is talking about the angels falling from Heaven.  The verse is most likely a reference to angels.
12.  Abraham was visited by three angels who appeared near a tree.  Genesis 18.
13.  And, I'm not sure what to think of the Lord appearing to Moses in a burning bush - a tree.

So anyway, there you go.  There is something about angels and trees for you to ponder while you stare at your Christmas tree this year.  I know this post is a bit early for it, but "Have a Merry Christmas!"

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