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2012: What the Elite are Planning for

Svalbard Global Seed Vault/Mari Tefre

I wanted to take us down a slightly different path today. I have always wondered exactly how various pieces of the puzzle fit together so I developed a theory which is quite natural, rather than supernatural in scope, concerning future events and how they relate to known activities of the elite. It is far from being “my theory,” but I think I articulate it better.

NASA and NOAA have warned the public twiceonce in 2006 and again in 2009concerning the very real potential for a super nasty year of solar storms, possibly in 2013. What is significant about this is that a particularly large coronal mass ejection (CME) has the potential to do major damage to electronic infrastructures. The time of such an event is not as important as what such an event could very possibly do, so it is really not important if they forecasted the year precisely, but rather it is important that they recognized the very real danger such an event poses.

For starters, let's throw out any theories you've heard about people living on the surface of the earth unprotected being burnt or exposed to lethal doses of radiation – not likely. However, what is possible is a complete loss of satellites, and under the very worst of the worst scenarios, a large or complete loss of the electrical power-grid and electronic devices. What is also possible is the triggering of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis (if the theories that solar flares contribute to such geological activities is correct), for which there is some correlating evidence from history (see here, and here).

I want to propose to you that the reason the elite are storing up seeds in an arctic seed vault and building underground bases everywhere is because they are seriously concerned and preparing for a major CME event which could quite possibly trigger the eruption of a super volcano followed by a volcanic winter.

Now, what I want you to think about here is the domino effect and then you will see why the elite might be doing half of the things they are doing. It is my belief that it is highly probable the elites are preparing for the aftermath of a “coronal mass ejection/super volcano/volcanic winter” event. The effects of such an event are listed here:

Day 1: A very large CME is detected in the near future, as was forecast. This particular CME, which is moving quite fast, is estimated to strike the earth within approximately one day.

Day 2: The CME strikes the earth and all satellite communications are lost. GPS goes down, weather satellites go down, the space telescopes go down, satellite and cable television stations go down, cell phone systems cease working, ATM systems cease working, etc.

In addition, this particular CME is one of the most powerful ones ever to strike the earth and it causes a worldwide power-grid overload. All electricity goes out and there is a worldwide blackout. Government, military, emergency services, and hospitals all switch to back-up power generators. Stores are flooded with desperate people buying up food, water, milk, batteries, ice, and toilet paper with what little cash they have on hand. Police and fire departments are busy controlling intersections which have no traffic lights.

Day 3: Many radio station are still online due to back-up power, but almost no television stations are up. The phone lines are all fried too. Communication is next to impossible. Radio stations and news papers rely on local experts and low-tech dispatches from state and federal government for updates. People are only able to get their information on the situation from local radio stations. They are told that electricity could be out for months. A state of emergency is declared, particularly to control food, water, and gas supplies.

Day 4: Coming by extra food, clean water, toilet paper, ice, and gasoline is already next to impossible. There is no work except for essential services and a curfew is already in place forbidding anyone to be outside after dark. Some nuclear power plants begin to melt down.

Day 5: The Lake Toba super volcano in Indonesia erupts.

Day 6: Riots start breaking out in major cities in broad daylight because people are hungry and the government is controlling all of the food, water, and natural resources needed for energy. Many people are behaving strangely because their medications have begun to run out. People are already starting to die from lack of medical care, slow response time, and lack of medication.

Day 7: The sky is now under a constant cloud of haze in most of the eastern hemisphere. The Sun is blocked out and all that is visible is simply an orange haze all day long. In major cities around the world, the police are quickly overcome by protesters and rioters. National guard and military forces are dispatched to major cities around the world to restore order. People are already starting to die from dehydration and suicides and homicides are rising drastically because of the pressures of every day living as well as the lack of supply of medication for the mentally ill. Prison riots have also become common place. In some major urban areas disease is beginning to break out due to poor sanitation.

Day 8: The entire eastern hemisphere is now completely covered with a cloud of volcanic ash thrown into the atmosphere. It has now been three days without sunlight in some areas. Calls for armed resistance to government order is now spreading worldwide as people become more and more desperate for clean water, food, and energy resources which they say the government is hogging for itself. Most backup generators are now no longer able to function because fuel is in such short supply and moving fuel supplies is next to impossible. Even the military is starting to run low on fuel, ambulances too. Fuel trucks moving stored fuel supplies are being hijacked worldwide by heavily armed bandits and drug gangs. Local radio stations are starting to go off air. Armed groups are beginning to attack power stations, warehouses, and even farms. Rural citizens begin forming heavily armed militias to protect local farms and clash with military troops controlling factory farms.

Day 9: The volcanic cloud is now starting to creep into the western hemisphere. Several pandemics begin to sprout worldwide due to horrible sanitary conditions, malnutrition, and lack of water. Although in some locations governments and military have power back on, specifically at oil pipelines, refineries, and drilling operations, but terrorist attacks against such locations are beginning to become a major issue. To protect their interests militaries start abandoning urban areas to defend food, water, and energy supplies. Most law enforcement in major urban areas leave with the military knowing that if they stay behind they and their families will be victimized by rioters and gangs.

Day 10: There is now a full blown pandemic of the plague in many areas of the world, and the smell of death is beginning to be common place. Militaries and private citizens just start shooting people on sight without even asking questions. Because most medication has stopped flowing completely insane and deranged people are running around everywhere. Gangs start to capture major urban centers, but food and water is becoming scarce in the cities.

Day 11: The volcanic cloud is now moving into the western hemisphere. Some areas in the eastern hemisphere have been without sunlight for almost a week. Several major earthquakes have occurred throughout the world with little or no response or aid. The world has become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria. Minor wars are actually beginning to be fought over natural resources as governments seize the opportunity to acquire new lands and resources. Most major urban areas are no longer controlled by governments and have completely fallen to drug gangs and warlords. Regular people begin to flee the cities for the countryside in search of food, clean water, and safety. Mass exoduses have begun.

Day 12: As people leave the cities they carry diseases into the countryside and the first rural causalities to the pandemic begin to be seen. Farms and rural towns near major urban areas begin to fall under the control of drug gangs and warlords. Some urban refuges are brought into rural communities and protected by citizen militias while others are killed. It appears to be hit or miss with what sort of controlling power you run into. Some people (urban and rural) begin to head to the wilderness to flee the power struggles that are erupting everywhere, but many die because they do not know how to survive under such conditions.

Day 13: Nearly all prisons are now empty and violent criminals are running around everywhere, either freed by the drug gangs and warlords or because they managed to overpower the prison security. Terrorists, enemy government operatives, and drug gangs begin to sabotage pipelines, refineries, and other types of infrastructure.

Day 14: Nearly the entire northern hemisphere is now covered with the haze of a volcanic cloud. The global climate is starting to react, strange weather patterns and storms are beginning to be seen, and news has finally reached most areas of the world that we can expect a volcanic winter, famine and pestilence on a massive and worldwide scale. The future looks more gloomy than it ever has. Religious encampments start popping up everywhere. And the world begins to divide itself once again based on race, creed, ethnicity, religion, and nationality in order to survive.

3 Months: The entire world is now covered by a thick haze from the super volcano. Several pandemics have swept the world and killed close to 2 billion people due to lack of medical care, sanitation and nutrition. Several million more have died from radiation sickness brought on by meltdowns at a few dozen nuclear power plants worldwide. WWIII has erupted with lines clearly drawn between the west and the east. The war is mostly over food and energy resources. Crops are failing worldwide and although power is back on in some areas it is still largely out. Skirmishes still take place between drug gangs and militias, but they are largely ignored by governments who bribe them both with energy resources and food supplies. In all, it is estimated that close to 4 billion people have died worldwide from the pandemics, lack of medical care, famine, crime, wars, and natural disasters such as flooding, tsunamis, earthquakes, heat waves, extreme cold and wildfires.

6 Months: Much of the world is now in a full blown volcanic winter as WWIII rages on. Most wild animal and plant life is beginning to die or has died. The world is a gloomy place and peace talks begin between both sides of the war as food and energy supplies are just too scarce now. Most people are sick of life and despair is everywhere. People have even given up hope on faith.

And all of this because of one CME which triggered a super volcano!

1 Year: The elite and several hundred thousand select individuals emerge from the underground fortresses (strategically placed worldwide) they hid in once the CME struck. They are fully equipped with high-tech machinery, fresh military troops, and an enormous supply of energy they had stored away or garnered from underground refineries. They offer world peace and even have seeds for replanting. All one has to do is comply with their new system of government, economics and religion (it sure is a good thing they introduced such a concept to the people before all of this happened, that ought to make it easier). Within another 2 ½ years, the world is in full compliance and the power-grid is completely back online. The global climate has stabilized. A world government has emerged. Everything is rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns – EXCEPT...

Everyone is chipped (for world peace).
Everyone is tracked and traced (for world peace).
Everyone must acquire permission to have offspring (for world peace and the sake of mother earth).
No one is permitted to practice any religion except some sort of quasi-earth/state religion (for world peace and mother earth).
Everyone must comply with what is called “universal health care” (to prevent the spread of disease and for world peace).
Everyone must give up their identity for the collective, essentially becoming Borg-ish (for world peace).
Everyone is “put to sleep” once they reach the age of retirement (for the good of the whole) – about age 60.
All mentally and physically “deficient” (a very broad term) are “put to sleep” (for the good of the whole).
Everyone is essentially a slave (for world peace).

Don't you just love doom and gloom?

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