Saturday, July 23, 2011

About the Conspiracy Researcher

The Conspiracy Researcher will bring you vital information on the future direction of humanity.  We will primarily focus upon trends toward transhumanism and the ethical threats of a posthuman world.  We will point out how the spiritual war which is taking place, according to the Scriptures, is really about eugenics and the abolition of YHWH's image on earth through corruption in the seed line of God's creation and the many vast attempts by Satan and the fallen angels to corrupt the seed of man.  We believe that Satan is attempting to corrupt that seed line in an attempt to thwart the prophecy foretold by YHWH in the Garden of Eden immediately after the fall.  Nearly all of our research will revolve around this central theme.

All visitors should be advised that all comments will be moderated, so please remain civil.  No hateful, violent or threatening comments will be allowed, but opposing viewpoints will be respected.  If you have something controversial to say, be tactful!  Furthermore, links will be allowed in comments so long as they pertain to the subject matter, or they are directly related to the point you are discussing.

If you enjoy the Conspiracy Researcher, please link to it or follow it.  Feel free to email me if you have any information you would like for me to discuss!

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