Sunday, July 24, 2011

Conspiracy Forums and Big Brother

I should note that although I list several conspiracy forums in my links sections, some of them may be known to be conducting operations. I'm not going to mention names, because if you are able to figure out what is going on, then you will realize that it really makes no difference. I know that those who have not figured out what I am about to say may be flabbergasted by the aforementioned statement, but in my opinion, it is true, and I'm going to hold to my position until proven otherwise. In any event, it is real easy to figure out some of the forums which are conducting anti-patriot and anti-Christian operations. Simply do a web search on any conspiracy forum and include the words: “is an intelligence front,” “is an operation,” “is run by” or any number of allegations you can think of. Although it should be understood that you will not learn that a large percentage of forums, if not all of the more popular forums, are in fact conducting such operations.

The reason I said it makes no difference is because back when I figured out that one of the more popular conspiracy forumsknown for its news and wild west-like free speechwas in fact a psychological profiling, ideology-directing and gate-keeping site, I ran to every forum on the web to alert others (this was some years ago now) and was promptly banned from every single one of them. I even went so far as to be as cautious as I am in this blog article in making no direct accusations, so there really was no reason for the banning other than to suppress the message.

These forums are there as gatekeepers to catch those who are not so easily kept asleep. They collect data, formulate psychological profiles, promote the official alternative reality, clutter information with tons of dead-ends and wild goose-chasing, and propagandize the concept that no one can be trusted and you must be paranoid of all (they also take the other direction and insist there is nothing to worry about by insisting that you are living in “fear” - when there is no middle ground you know it's not reality). By the way, I am not saying you should be paranoid of these forums, which is why I list some of them in my links section, but I am saying you need to understand what their job is and also that you can use them for good.

Many of the conspiracy forums (certainly not all) serve the purpose of gatekeeper. In fact, many of them serve the exact same purpose as some popular leaders of the patriot movement –to move you exactly where you are wanted. How do I know this? They cause you to react to the reality of this world and not to take action. When you are caused to not act, but react, then you know you are being manipulated.

Now, before any popular patriots (or their fans) come down on me and accuse me of anything I need to first point out that I name no names and I do not state all popular leaders are like this, so deciding who these individuals are is left entirely up to the individual. Is there anything wrong with informing people so that they can make up their own minds? Is there anything wrong with me voicing what I have concluded concerning the matter? If I am attacked for merely pointing something out, for delivering a message, then you know exactly who the operatives are. If you believe in freedom, then you believe in free speech and thought.

Just keep in mind that these things are going on. You are never free from the influence of evil so long as you are in your fallen flesh, and you are residing in Satan's kingdom. This world is of the Adversary, and as such, it is full of lies and deceptions at every turn. Remember that every lie must contain a shred of truth in order to have any believable basis in reality, so there is some useful information (truth) contained in the lies. There is always some truth you can extract from a lie, otherwise you could never discover it is a lie! For example, you could be told that the sky is green. The truth on which that lie is based is the fact that there is a sky and the sky does appear as a certain color. You can then take that truth to discover that the sky is not green, but is in fact, blue.

Every lie is based on some degree of truth (some less so than others), and you are well-advised to remember that if you are to learn discernment. I realize that some will disagree with that point, but then again such people are probably not Christians, in that, if they do not believe that lies are built by recreating truths, then they are suggesting that man and Satan can actually create things rather than simply using the tools God created to build and form new things. God only creates truth, so lies must be twisted truths by necessity.

So anyway, I am laying it out for you. Many of the conspiracy forums are gatekeeper sites. They also serve the purpose of feeding you the official alternative reality and directing you toward the reaction the powers that be desire for you to have. “Nothing is as it seems” is an understatement. You need to realize that you are involved in a spiritual war in which you are occupying Enemy territory. You are living in a land of lies, a kingdom built upon deceit. I will get more into the intricate workings of this kingdom in later posts.

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