Sunday, July 24, 2011

False Flag Christian Terrorism: How We Will Set-up Christians as Terrorists

I can hear them now:  "This is how we will set-up the Christians as terrorists."  The thing is, that plan was created long ago.

I wish to comment on the July 24, 2011 NPR article, Lawyer:  Norway Suspect Wanted a Revolution.  Anyone who has a clue as to what is going on in this world can clearly see this is one of the many spread-out incidents (now becoming more frequent and closer together) being used to set-up true Bible-believing Christians, and also anyone who would disagree with the world government system being put into place, as terrorists.  The plan is simple...if you do not comply, you preach the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, you refuse to adopt the New Age neo-Darwinian-Eugenic social and spiritual experiment, or you wish to have national sovereignty, you will fit the profile they are manufacturing to match their (the NWO) "new terrorists" -the homegrown terrorists, or fundamentalist Christian terrorists.

The fundies will just eat this up and fall right into their hands like putty.  Why?  Because they are being, and have been, slowly directed into to doing so.  Why do you think all of these so-called Christian patriots are allowed to speak loudly and get them riled up?  Why do you think they have been sold the false doctrine of pretribulation Rapture (Rev. 6:9 proves this doctrine to be false, since you cannot be saved without the Holy Spirit, and the Scripture used to promote the false doctrine of the Rapture stands on the premise that the Church is raptured and the Holy Spirit is removed from the earth)?

It is so they react as they are being directed too.  They are being directed to make it look like Christians are violent so that when the false flags go off, the rest of the world believes it.  It is a set-up, plain and simple.  You can tell this as the "other side" is promoting the idea (directing the masses on the other side) that Christians are violent and a plague on the earth.  It's so easy to see!

Anyway, let's go over this Norway incident, shall we?

The alleged terrorist's name is Anders Behring Breivik (age 32).  He attacks on 7/22/11 and kills 93 people (7 killed in downtown Oslo).  He's mad about immigration, proud of his european heritage, spent 370,000 euros on his operation, and he's connected to some Knight Templar group (the Knight Templar were founded during the Christian Crusades) of far-right Christians.  He supposedly posted on Christian fundamentalist websites, hated "leftists" and socialists, left a Declaration of Independence, wanted to start a Revolution, and he used a bomb similar to the one used in Oklahoma City in 1995.

Ok.  Did I get all of that?  Tell me this isn't too good to be true?  This is as scripted as it gets.  It's too perfect for the powers that be (from their perspective) for this guy to be a coincidence -it serves the powers that be far too well!  This one act managed to lump every resistance against the anti-Christian globalist movement into one guy and associate him with homegrown terror (Timothy McVeigh - not a Christian, btw, he was actually an atheist) and violent Christians (the Knights Templar, from about ONE THOUSAND years ago).  Propaganda?  I think so!

But let's take a look at the information I gathered from the NPR article.  The numerological significance of that data should not be dismissed.  The article notes the numbers: 32, 7, 22, 11, 93, 7 and 370,000 (37) -all significant numbers to the illuminati and freemasons.  The article also notes a time of 12:51 pm (1+2=3, 5+1=6, or 3x6, which is 666), and later mentions a 1,500 page manifesto mentioning the year of 2083 (could 2083 be a code to black ops for 2011, and perhaps the 1500 pages means something as well?  Maybe this is a tip off to the black ops performing these false flag terror attacks on when to act next?).  It is a well known historical fact that intelligence operatives pass information through the news services and newspapers.

His name is loaded with anagrams as well.  Try it:

I don't know which one I love the most..  "Hive banker ID bringers, "Bind hive breakers ring," "His reverend king rabbi," "bribed her virgin snake," "behind brave reign risk," or "hive inbred bankers rig."  I think I vote for the latter.

It is all part of the set-up.  Don't say I didn't tell you what they are doing because I just did.  Christians are being set-up as the "new terrorists."

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