Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Human-Animal Hybrids Created in the U.K.

This is what the science of eugenics-transhumanism brings us:

Recent articles published by the Christian Institute and the UK Daily Mail detail how 155 perversions of God's creation were manufactured over the past three years inside the United Kingdom.  The human-cow abominations, known as Cybrids, were manufactured by a process known as "admixing" where human DNA is added to "empty" cow eggs - what appears to be a perverse scientific version of beastiality.  The revelation comes after government hearings in the UK.

According to a 2008 London Times Online article, these creatures had first been manufactured in some warehouse somewhere (called a laboratory for the public) via a group at Newcastle University. At least two other laboratories at Kings College and Warwick University, complete with lightning rods and mad scientists, participated in the experiment to create Frankencowstein.

The claim is that this in no longer going on, as the programs have been defunded (would you like to buy a bridge?).  In any event, many other countries who have little or no regulation have been manufacturing animal-human hybrids for years (so I guess that makes it all right for civilized nations to do it).  It is very likely that other animal-human hybrids were manufactured at least as early as the mid-nineties and probably before that.

The creation of these abominations are due to the re-emergence of the Nephilim onto the world stage as is foretold in the Holy Scripture, the Book of Enoch and also by the Apostolic Fathers of the Christian Church.  All of this has been done before and it is being done once again.  As the Book of Ecclesiastes states:

What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.    -Ecclesiastes 1:9

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), this time when God judges the world for these abominable creations it will be the last of the Nephilim.  Posthumanists may disagree, but this was all foretold long before man even knew what a "cell" was!  I think I'll bank on the One who has all-knowledge, not the ones who have limited, finite and fallible knowledge.

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